Montreal Engagement photography: Meagan & Ryan

Meagan and Ryan are semi-reformed partygoers (as all the best of us are), and that worked out just right for our downtown engagement shoot. We did a photo tour of their former party haunts and back alley avenues. We started at the spot where they almost met, Brutopia! Meagan being the cute one had no trouble getting in on St. Patrick’s Day, while Ryan being among the many men out and about didn’t quite make it to the door of the pub, just the Deppaneur below… A story I’m sure so many of us Montrealers can appreciate!

But meet they did and cuteness follows them wherever they go now. You can’t help but smile and be happy around Meagan and Ryan and just want to hang out with them a little bit more. They were up for anything on our engagement shoot, from back alleys to being in a green area with some questionable audience members and even stepping in poop! Yup, that happened (I won’t say to which one of us, lol)!

Hugs, Val

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