DQ Studios – Dave & Quin come to my loft to give an intensive 4 hour lighting training!

How excited could I possibly be!   It was like my birthday today.   I have been thinking about a little photo lighting tune up for some time, but never made the time for it…well, for 2010 anyways.   I couldn’t think of any better time, than smack dab in the middle of wedding season.  This is the best time for me to take a lighting training, while I am out there shooting the most, practicing, getting creative and just testing out new techniques.  There is no better time, than now.  I was absolutely thrilled when I had contacted Dave and Quin months ago to see if they were available for a training…and they happened to be in Montreal, shooting a wedding this weekend.    Of course, I was thrilled to pieces, to have this dynamic duo came to my loft and train me and Linds (my ever so talented second shooter) some very original techniques….AND we can not forget our model, Logan.  Logan, props to you! – You are lucky, lucky, lucky to be working with these pros.

Linds and I love our Quiklips, handy handy flash holders 🙂  Another reason to go shopping to find a fun belt.

I am so happy that we spent a significant amount of time with Dave and Quin, they really packed our brains with tonnes of information that Linds and I can not wait to get out there and use!  These techniques will definitely change the workflow, and enhance the Epic Photography that couples dream of having for their weddings…and more!  That goes for Corporate, Editorial Fashion and beyond.  Endless possiblilities.

Go check out DQ Studios, we love them!


Here are just a few samples of the outdoor fun shots.   P.S.  Barely any Photoshop work here!

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  • Dave Cheung



    You and Lindsay were such awesome hosts and students 🙂 From the warm welcome to the awesome images you guys are ALREADY creating, we’re looking forward to seeing where you fly with the new tools and techniques you have under your belt.

    Know you have friends in CowTown 🙂