Winnipeg Portraits: Get a kick out of this!

That’s right, a fun PORTRAIT!: This week, I find myself in GORGEOUS Winnipeg, I’m here to check in on my most amazing mom. So far, Winnipeg has seen 3 days of fog, covering Winnipeg in some of the most spectacular hoar frost I have ever seen. Of course, I was so excited to get out and capture some of these images today, but, by the time I got out the frost had already melted. BOO!!

My good old friend Sacha Rosen, who’s in the film industry, and Winnipeg’s funkiest DJ, who also happens to be WINNIPEG’s BIGGEST JETS fan came out to help me smile! Yes, my camera got wet, I was on the ground shooting this…so, instead of spectacular nature shots, we have random kicking snow at the camera with his Jets Jersey, Jets Flag, Disco ball, equipped with the Jets helmet visor!

Hope you smile too!




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