The bridal bouquet!

It accompanies nearly every bride – since the Rennaissance. What are we talking about?

The bridal bouquet!

We’ve noticed that one special flower is never missing: the rose. This flower has lots of different meanings, always depending on its colour. It represents love, respect, beauty, youth, patience innocence, purity, joy, gratitude admiration, desire, dreams. Depending on the bride and her character the bouquet expresses her individual style.

Other flowers can complete the bouquet and create a visible connection between the bride and her bride maids: There are connections between the bridal bouquet and the brides maid bouquets. Or maybe, a statement floral pattern robe.

As always we have stunning examples of these wonderful ideas just in case you are about searching for your bridal bouquet.

We wonder what 2016 bridal bouquet’s will bring our brides!


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