Montreal Wedding Photography: Mee-Hye & Daniel

Urban Montreal Wedding Photography:

One of the greatest pleasures in wedding photography is the sincere excitement on everyone’s faces when the couple walk through the door to party with all of their guests.  Priceless.


Before we begin the photo story of Mee-Hye & Daniel, I must share this random photo,  tagged on Facebook some time ago, talking for the first time with Mee-Hye and her soon to be maid of honour Rita.  We were @ MaddyK’s first ever Bridal Boudoir a couple of years ago.  Our Photog friend, Ara from Badger Photography snapped this candid of us chatting about her special day.  Little did we know, 2 years later I would be here blogging about their wedding photography.

On September 10th, 2011, Mee-Hye and Daniel were married.  I photographed this couple’s engagement session in July, check out the blog, it is quite the contrast to their wedding day.  I think it is a good example of how we can achieve 2 different looks.  I think an engagement session is a nice addition to your collection of memories that you may want to frame around the house, and of course the timeless photographs from your wedding.  It is always important to do an engagement session to get comfortable with me, learn what it’s like to be in front of the camera, have a make-up trial done, and just get some fab photos of the 2 of you.  Why not?

We really had an amazing, beautiful day for their wedding.  We explored the lachine canal, took some shots on a peninsula by the lachine rapids, there was a huge pond in the area, gorgeous trees.  It was just perfect.  There is a photo in the 1K+ shots that we took where the cake at the church fell off the top…due to…hmmm, lets just say one of the brothers, slicing cake abilities..hahahah.   I think I should add it to the photo montage…maybe later…Anyway, that was hilarious, and Mee-Hye’s reaction was priceless.  The group was a lot of fun, totally supportive of taking great shots in places we have never been before.  It was just so much fun.  The evening was a blast as well.  We went back to the Hyatt for their reception.  Their guests had the opportunity to take photos of each other for the guest book, instant prints and totally hilarious.  Linds and I did not get the chance to have our photo taken…Mee-Hye and Daniel, we hope you liked our self portrait stick men with cameras.

Big congratulations to this amazing couple!
































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  • Jen Haugh


    So gorgeous Jane & Daniel!!! And what a special day it was 🙂 Love you guys!!!