Montreal Wedding Photography: Laura & Matt

I need to start by talking about Laura & Matt’s families… Wow! I fell in love. I already fell in love with the two of them. They are just too much fun, sweet and two of the best people! And it’s easy to see why. Their wedding was full of amazing family and friends that came from near and far and didn’t hold anything back and the warmth and love that surrounded Laura and Matt on their wedding day was just incredible, I cried happy tears.

Laura knew exactly what she wanted for her wedding, with a background in event planning, and Matt knew to let her go for it. With the amazing talents of Cava Rose to help coordinate it, the whole event was a stunning and heartfelt wedding. Officiated by a friend, with beer pong for entertainment and enough candles all around to warm every heart in the room, it was perfect.

Hugs, Val


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