A bit of Inspiration

There are these people who are nearly as important for a wedding as the bridal pair: the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They assure that everything will work out when the final day arrives and this year, we have had such loooovely, pretty groomsmen and bridesmaids, what obligates us to present them to you. Just be inspired!

Above all for men it may become a challenge to make the groom looking unique in his suit… But we photographed men giving you the perfect examples; they changed little details as the colour of their costume or their bow tie, even socks or pocket squares can be changed.

Apropos socks: some are wearing their lucky socks, no matter of which colour they are. And apropos lucky charm: Which one is your lucky number for the number of groomsmen?

The more bridesmaids, the more gorgeous dresses for the women. All unitary or all having little differences, but always genial!

What are your ideas concerning this theme? Show them to us in the next year on your own wedding, we would be so pleased.


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