William Gray Open House – Meet Christina Esteban!

Old port photographer

January 20th, 2018 10AM-3PM
Where: Hotel William Gray 421 St Vincent St, Montreal, QC H2Y 3A6

Organized by le Groupe Antonopoulos for the 7th year, Christina Esteban Photography is one of the lucky wedding vendors invited to meet future couples getting married in 2018 + 2019. Christina will be located at Hotel William Gray, we will have our latest portfolio to share with you. I love this intimate setting, it’s a boutique event filled with some of the best wedding vendors in Montreal hand picked by the planners from Experience Vieux Port. What a compliment! I will be there from 10AM-3PM.

Thinking about your wedding budget? We support you! We know there are a lot of parts to the wedding. We can help you on the budget, by providing a great range of talented photographers by experience. For 2 photographers, we price ourselves out starting from $2800 + up. Come visit me, we can go over your budget, your photography needs, the scheduling of the day and go from there. See pricing here: PRICING

This is one of the only shows that I do for the whole year. I really hope that you will come and meet me! We can talk portable portrait studios, flower walls, flower wall paper, albums, bridal portraits, where to go rain or shine, scheduling of the day..We’ve got your back. I have 12 years + knowledge, and we are just down the road, centrally located in the heart of the old port.

See you soon!


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