Location: Maison Winslow (Vieux-Montreal) Address announcement shortly.

Dates: MAY 11TH & 12TH, 2024 9AM-5PM

** Click on the Calendar down below to book your appointment **

1 large lofty space, incredible furniture and decor, natural light. PROMO 25% off all prints and framing. Order directly on your photo gallery, cards delivered to your door. Every face retouched on print orders only (Eye brighten, skin smooth, remove dark circles) This shoot will be very focused on your portrait. Consider your outfit, hair, and makeup to complete the look. Get it before it’s gone..Literally! Get your portraits done and order prints and frames for Mother’s Day. Think about your houtfits and lets get this done! 15 mins of photography, come photo ready, so that Christina will photograph you as soon as your time slot begins. Let’s not waste time. Christina will have posing options for you, if you feel unsure or nervous in front of the camera‚Ķlike most of us, so no stress on that!

Be photo ready and book your 15 minute appointment now! 48 hour delivery via your personalized website. Access to order prints, additional photos + framing online delivered to your door. CEP offers a retouching service on your images, post production.

Come with hair and make up done! Come with wardrobe carefully curated for your epic shoot. Find inspiration and bring your own flair to this shoot.