January blues!

Montreal couple, graffiti montreal, couple engagement photoshoot


Did you know that the third monday of January is known to be the saddest day of the year! Well, I definitely think it’s time to come off the blues and find sunshine again.

After taking over millions of clicks with my cameras over the years, not exaggerating. Some of my personal favourite photos when it comes to weddings or engagements sessions are the photos that show personality and real smiles. There are a few factors involved in getting there. For example, choosing the right location with my client. Deciding on wardrobe. When our client is involved and shares interest with the photography aspect as much as we do, we know we will nail the shot. I really wanted to use a background that was different. Emily had mentioned that her and Brad really enjoy graffiti and travel around to places that have beautiful graffiti on their travels around the world.

Yes, the background and lighting and wardrobe are all important, but I must say, the expression on their faces really is what is most important. They will one day look back at these photos and remember the moments we were having a conversation that brought them to these smiles.

Have an awesome day!


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