Christmas Engagement photo shoot: Kassandra + Ezra

These 2 though!!! I learn a little about these two love birds each time I get together with them. This time, it was their turn to have their Montreal engagement session. (The last engagement session of 2018 for me) We strolled through the Christmas trees at Atwater Market let them snuggle to get warm while I grabbed a few memories of photos for them. Ezra has a very calm, kind energy about him, that was just sooo sweet to witness these two together. They didn’t bring gloves, I could only imagine how cold they must have been, but they just smiled away and laughed the whole time.

” Baby It’s Cold Outside “…Ok, I know.. I know, we aren’t supposed to say that anymore..but, MAN, was it cold outside, hahaha. The sun sets at 3:30PM in Montreal..see that sunset light, yes, it was 3:30 and by 4PM, the sun had really disappeared below the horizon. In the winter, we have sunset light, basically all day long, that really long orange light, when we can get it, it is truly the best for photos. I adore this hat that Kassandra knit. Little details like this make for a great shoot, her shawl, borrowed from her mom and of course her loving man, Ezra. I can not wait for their wedding. As I write this Kassandra is literally texting me how much she loves their photos, YAAY! So, have a great holiday coming up! My holidays begin as of this Saturday. Wrapping up my 2018 with a giant bow and turning the page to my next chapter. These two will be celebrating their next chapter in 2019. Soo looking forward to it!

All snuggles amongst the Christmas trees at Atwater Market. I only do a few holiday engagement sessions, most of my couples are anxiously awaiting for spring to come. BUT, I LOVE shooting around this time of year. For example, just this past weekend, next to my studio in Jacques Cartier Square, they just installed a GORGEOUS lighting display that looks like a reindeer castle. That’s the best way I can describe it. So, get out there and enjoy the festivities of lights and Christmas trees and find something hot to drink like hot chocolate or hot apple cider. Always Sounds like a good plan to me.

Keep warm out there! If you are planning an outdoor shoot this winter, apparently it is going to be VERY VERY cold, at least, here in Montreal. Bring a cute blanket to wrap up in, head inside for a few in between takes to warm up. And definitely…make date night plans for right after the shoot. No matter what kind of weather comes. Just make sure that plan is done. It is always a good idea to have a hair and makeup trial with your #glamsquad as well. It is a perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer in front of the camera and get a vibe for which angles you feel your rock, when your big day comes. Just have fun! I think beyond anything, hair, makeup, outfits, just try not to take yourselves tooo seriously. Find your inside jokes, or make them up together. It is the best medicine of all.That’s the best way to describe a shoot with me. Relax, have fun and PRINT these photos for your home.

The photo just before the kiss, always a favourite for me. Are you wondering how long an engagement session will take? I photograph my couples in an hour. This gives me plenty of time to shoot in the location, that we pre-determine in different kinds of angles and we do not really need to go that far. Just by changing my position to my couples, we are able to quickly give you a variety of looks in just a few minutes. We did this shoot just last week, just in time to celebrate the holidays with some fresh photos of this couple, who will celebrate their big day together in 2019.

Happy Holidays!
Christina xo

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