Montreal Proposal Photography: Bianca & Alex

Congratulations on your recent engagement Bianca & Alex!

Have you been dreaming about your proposal and how your soon to be fiancee will propose? It seems that a lot of our grooms have really put a lot of thought in to this! We are getting more calls than ever to capture that moment he gets down on his knee to propose. This could be one of the biggest moments of his life, right there in front of you. Why not capture the moment on film?  Sometimes, we wish we could record the actual call when a groom calls us. OMG, ladies…most precious calls to receive ever.

I think photographing a proposal, then having a few portraits taken after are some of the most magical moments I could possibly witness and document for you. These moments are raw and pure, unexpected and total joy. You will always remember the day he proposed and now, you can actually have them discretely photographed by us as well. We know it is a very private moment, so we are there for you to grab the moment and a few photos after that. We know you want to be together alone in these moments. The time is soo special and important for the 2 of you.

We’ve had some pretty darling questions from future grooms when it comes to preparing for the actual proposal to his future fiancee. Like this one…Which knee do I get down on? OMG, how precious are you, grooms??!!!! We’ve even had a groom send us a photo of the actual ring, if he should wear a coat..literally a winter coat to hide the ring, when it was 40 degrees here in Montreal, OMG. They are nervous, they are excited and they are thoughtful. How lucky are you ladies!!! These guys are adorable grooms. I love my job. hahaha!

I discovered this beautiful restaurant with Alex & Bianca. Alex set the stage using Restaurant Scarlet to celebrate their fresh engagement. It’s like bringing the outdoors in. They have a gorgeous interior enclosed terrace with market lights, beautiful pillows and draped curtains to warm up the space. Alex was well prepared, he had champagne buckets of flowers and their own private table ready to go for their evening of celebrations. A new groom filled with sweet surprises for his bride.

Cheers to new beginnings. While we were on our shoot, I said to them..”now you get to plan a wedding. It was like watching 2 kids in a candy store. Eyes lit up and they couldn’t contain their excitement. Thinking about all that’s to come, wedding, family, building life together. It’s really only just begun. I’m so happy for them.


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