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Dear Mme. Christina!

Thank you for contacting us. This is a really difficult time for all Québec and Montréal entrepreneurs and workers. Companies and workers across Montréal and Québec are currently facing significant financial challenges. The City of Montreal has mobilized its staff to cater to business needs, provide more information, and answer your questions.

The lines below are intended to give you relevant information that can best apply to your situation. Although not all fully known, several programs and support measures have been announced by the City of Montreal, the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada.

 City of Montreal

  • Official webpage detailing Montreal’s business support measures
  • Our measures include:
    • COVID-19 Emergency PME Assistance a provincial program for which $40 million has been set aside for Montreal-based businesses. For a limited time, eligible small businesses can apply for a loan or loan guarantee of up to $50 000 for solvability assistance. The PME MTL network is in charge of managing this loan program. For more information on this program, please submit a form here (French only)
    • Urban Delivery Service: Safe and affordable delivery service for merchants and shop owners
    • Free personalized expert guidance to help your digital transformation: Expert support to implement an online presence, including e-commerce. If you are interested, please submit a form here (French only).
  • Aid for business consolidation (subsidy up to $ 10,000) subvention so its free. This new program will be available for the month of June 2020. Its possible also to obtain coaching from a conselor from the office of PME MTL. You need to go on the link and fill the form french only. When the program willl be available you will be reach by somebody remplir le formulaire de contact.

City of Montreal: Municipal Taxes

  • Montréal has postponed the 2nd municipal tax instalment to July 2nd. This change applies to all property owners in Montréal. Whether you are an individual or a business, you have until July 2, 2020 to pay the second instalment of your property taxes. This pertains to the tax account you have received at the beginning of the year.
  • If you have already scheduled your tax payment through your financial institution, all you need to do is change the scheduled date on your financial institution’s website or app. If you have chosen to pay your taxes in several instalments, with interests, you don’t need to do anything. For your last payment, we will make the necessary fee adjustments so as not to penalize you and to take into account the postponed due date. We are currently looking for a solution for those who already mailed their pre-dated checks.
  • Please note that due dates for all other invoices (SDC contributions, duties on transfers of immovables, water and waste management fees, unfounded alarms, etc.) are unchanged.

 Government of Québec

Government of Canada

As remote working and e-commerce are permitted, you may wish to consult the CQIC’s compiled tech solution database for guidance, or contact your SDC for additional assistance.

Finally, if you are already a client of the PME MTL network, we invite you to confirm with them available support measures based on your needs.

In the immediate future, we invite you to contact your financial institution, your property landlord and your suppliers in order to discuss the possibility of making additional arrangements.

Important latest program from the Gouvernement of CANADA:

This is the link, it was created for all the businesses who cannot receive any money from other program.

Regional Relief and Recovery Fund
By Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions
Support for Quebec businesses and organizations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

As a complement to Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, the Government of Canada has established a Regional Relief and Recovery Fund (RRRF), an initiative with an envelope of $211 million for Quebec.
Funding adapted to the needs of Quebec businesses and organizations

In Quebec, the RRRF is being delivered by CED. It offers:

  • Financial support for vulnerable businesses and NPOs ineligible for measures already in place and facing cashflow problems.
  • Support for businesses and organizations by giving them key access to capital in rural communities served by Sociétés d’aide au développement des collectivités (SADCs) and Centres d’aide aux entreprises (CAEs).

Check out the program details and Frequently asked questions to find out more about the terms of the RRRF.
How to request funding

If your business or organization does not have access to federal assistance already in place, you must first identify which profile best matches your situation:

Profile 1 Businesses with revenues of $250,000 and more in the following industries: Manufacturing Value-added services (featuring distinctive know-how or innovative services – e.g., digital content production, technology, artificial intelligence, contribution to technology transition or the the green economy) Tourism businesses requiring over $40,000 in funding High-potential start-ups in the manufacturing and value-added services sectors Non-for-profit economic organizations active in the above industries or supporting businesses in these industriesProfile 1 describes your situation? Check your pre-eligibility by answering five questions

Profile 2 Businesses with revenues of less than $250,000 in the manufacturing and value-added service sectors Start-ups (other than in the manufacturing and value-added services sectors) Tourism industry businesses requiring funding of less than $40,000 Retail businesses, local services, professional and health services (e.g., restaurants, convenience stores, hair salons, funeral homes, cleaners, car dealerships, big box stores, accountants, lawyers, dentists, real estate) Social economy enterprises (all sectors) Agriculture and fisheries (harvesting and catching) Artisanal production and specialty local food products Businesses with less than $250,000 in sales (all other sectors) Self-employed workers and sole proprietorships (all sectors)Does Profile 2 describe your situation?
Outside a metropolitan region
Within a metropolitan region

Not certain which profile applies to you?
If your business or organization is based in Quebec, call 1-800-561-0633 or send us an email. Our advisors can help guide you to the right resources.

The City of Montreal takes the challenges facing its businesses very seriously. We invite you to stay connected with us via our website and social networks. As more information becomes available, it will be published online.

Have a good day! And good Luck

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