Montreal Wedding Photographer: Taryn & Michel

Congratulations to Taryn & Michel!

Have you ever met someone who you just connect with? I had met Taryn only on the day of her wedding and I was so happy to feel her energy. She was relaxed, comfortable and easy going about her beautiful wedding day. We had spoken just a few times over the phone and I just knew that we would be have a great day capturing her special moments of the love of her life. We had spoken a couple of weeks before her wedding to discuss the details of her big day and I had fallen in love when she told me, her dog would be her flower dog. OMG, I melted. I am a huge dog lover and miss my Alfie every day. Whenever you can, don’t forget to include your lovely doggie children in your portraits. They are family too.

Have you thought about who you want in the room with you, while you get ready for your big day. I’m not sure if you are thinking about it, but it’s actually a really important aspect of the day. These are the people that will be in your photographs for your getting ready part of the day. Being surrounded by all of your own personal history and support system is one of the most special moments to capture. They will be by your side in good times and bad.

For some of their photos we had that gorgeous sunset light. I’m telling you, it will take a max of 5 minutes, if you can spare them during the reception. We know you want to enjoy your guests. Most of the time, we do first looks and the portraits, bridal portraits, family portraits all take place before the ceremony..sometimes our couples are tuckered out with the photos and just want to party. But, I must say, it’s totally worth it to just grab a few sunset photos. Fit it in to your schedule, please. You will party all night long under the stars.

This wedding took place on the golf course that is owned by the family Rawdon. How amazing is that? So much history and memories here for them. I nearly lost my phone in the bush here..OMG, ahaha! I can’t even believe that just a few hours before it was literally down pouring rain. We were lucky and I was so happy to grab those great shots near the end of our shoot.

What a lovely wedding! 


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