Montreal Wedding Photography: Jessica & Jasjeet

Congratulations to Jessica & Jasjeet!

Indian weddings are just soo gorgeous. The colours, the jewelry, the makeup, the outfits, the henna, the indian food along with several hours per day of celebrating events sometimes over 5-7 days. We had the pleasure of photographing Jessica + Jasjeet just over 1 month ago. This section of photos were taken on day 4 of 4, their wedding day.

The henna stain on Jessica’s hands are just stunning. A few days before, the henna ceremony took place at their home, where all the ladies took part and also had intricate henna done on their hands. The stain lasts a few weeks and is a beautiful representation of a wedding. We love it when the groom’s initials are hidden in her hands. The tradition is that he must find his own initials.

On those really, really sunny days, sometimes it can be a photographer nightmare playing with light. We worked with it and rocked it the best we could. Vibrant blue skies in Centennial park in the west island. Love that lake behind them. We tried to keep it easy for them, and not make them travel too far for portraits. It just takes a tiny pocket of space to grab the shot.

Sweet little moments¬†of this couple under the fall sun. They worked so hard to get to this point. I’m happy to have been there for their big day.

In some photos, you would think we were in India or somewhere far away. This was just a small pocket on location for our shoot. We changed up the poses, and let the couple live in that moment. Sometimes, it can feel rushed to get out of a pose, or change locations and race somewhere else. Or, we could just stay in one spot and work what we’ve got in all kinds of angles.

I really enjoyed working with this couple and their families over the week of their wedding, just 1 month ago. I learned they are neighbours to 2 of my other awesome couples and I really hope they all become friends. Good people need to meet good people. 


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