Montreal Wedding Photography: Wedding 2018 Vanessa & Yoni

Congratulations to Vanessa & Yoni!

The more relaxed your couple is, the easier it will be for you to pose them as a photographer and capture their genuine emotion. One of the best ways to lighten the mood is to get your couple laughing. Of course, they will have inside jokes and it’s a great moment for the bride or groom to break them out to each other. We’ll encourage you along the way, too.

Oh when you’re smiling! – Smile with your eyes. Connect and engage with the camera. Think about the new memories you’re making and even laugh just for the fun of it. It’s your wedding day! These two were all smiles all day long. Love the portraits we took at the Westmount look out. This is a great spot for Montreal wedding photographers.

Find a spot that reflects a special place to both of you and a place where you’ll both feel comfortable, it could be anywhere. When researching locations for wedding photos, make sure you’re not required to have a permit as a professional wedding photographer to shoot there. That could put a constraint on how much time you have and affect your photos. I love simple, clean backgrounds, not too busy. I like putting focus on the couple.


Large bridal party photo tip #1
– Choose your location thoughtfully.
Before a wedding I like to ensure I know the location well enough to know excellent portrait locations and take some scene-setting shots along the way. When looking for an ideal location in which to photograph the bridal party, always be on the look-out for good light first and foremost. Light is the most important consideration in portrait locations and I typically like to use a spot that is either in complete shade, or backlit so that the lighting on the subjects’ faces is even.

Large bridal party photo tip #2
– Background is the next most important consideration in selecting a location.
Choose a simple, clean background OR a location where the group can be pulled away from the background to create depth. The bridal party will intrinsically make the photo busy, so keeping the location clean and simple with a focus on good light is key.

Large bridal party photo tip #3
– Mix it up!
Separating or alternating guys and girls creates interest. Separating the suits and dresses from one another helps create a pleasing balance. In order to facilitate this quickly, I typically instruct each groomsmen to grab the bridesmaid he is escorting down the aisle. Then I have the pairs equally divide on each side of the bride and groom with the maid of honor and best man closest to the couple. Once they fill in on their own, I give further instructions to help create a pleasing and balanced pose.

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