Wedding Photographer Montreal: Kareen & Anthony

Congratulations to Kareen & Anthony! 

“A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.”Andre Maurois
When two people are happily married, they enjoy each other’s company with the greatest delight and excitement. As many moments they would spent together and as many conversations they would share, it is never enough. They can find endless joy in discovering each other and in sharing their being with the other. When I photographed Kareen and Anthony’s engagement session, we laughed the ENTIRE time. I could see they both get each other’s humour.

Have you thought about what time of day you would like your wedding couple portraits? Sometimes, sunset light isn’t always possible, even when we really, really hope it is. You know, we all talk about “the golden hour”. Well, if you are not able to grab some of that sunset light, try to get outside even for just a few minutes to achieve it. It literally takes 5 minutes. This beautiful couple Kareen & Anthony were married in June 2018.

While brides and grooms look forward to embarking on a new stage of their relationship on their wedding day, most guests look forward to the first time these future newlyweds lock eyes with each other — whether that goes down right before the actual ceremony or during the bride’s walk down the aisle. Gets me every single time!

We are here to talk weddings. According to a recent survey by Weddingwire, 80 percent of brides today will choose a white or ivory wedding dress, but for those 20 percent daring to break with tradition, a gown with color is not hard to find. Are you thinking to go with tradition or break tradition with a dress with colour for your big day? I have loved the classic gorgeous gown on beautiful Kareen on her wedding day.

“What I love most about my home is who I share it with.”Ted Carpenter
Sharing our lives with someone we love is very exciting. They are always there for us, talking, touching, sharing laughter and misfortunes, making plans, and keeping us company. This powerful connection makes every dull detail of daily life seem like an amazing occasion for love.

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