Wedding Photography Montreal: Angela & Mike

Congratulations to Angela + Mike! 

When your photographer arrives, try not to forget to lay out all of these pretty little details, like the hanger you may have ordered online from that special etsy shop with your name on it. We love to photograph these details and we know you want them in your photos. Do you remember all of the ideas you had that went in to your special day, over the weeks, months and maybe even years? I really love shopping on amazon, etsy, alibaba..yes! Alibaba..only the largest network in the world for finding really great things for small volume for weddings like frames as gifts for your guests at your wedding, maybe specialty table accessories for your guests. Online shopping is so fun and can be quite cost effective. Or, of local artists!

It’s no wonder there are tears at the house before heading off to the venue to get married. There is a special emotion that radiates on your best friend’s faces when you see your girl in her wedding dress for the first time. I love photographing bridesmaids in their gowns at the house with the bride in the morning. Hair and makeup is fresh and on point, the emotions are real and everyone is very excited and ready for the big day ahead. If you have video, it’s also a great moment to give out any hand written notes you may have for your girls around you. Enjoy your day, support your best friend getting married, keep hydrated, and have a blast!

Your hair is done, your makeup is done, your sister, or mother, or best friend, whoever means the world to you is helping you in to your dress, they are the very first to see you as a bride, before your groom, before your guests. Some of my favourite moments are the getting ready part of the day. Its a good idea to decide ahead of time the room that you would like to get ready in. Light and bright, sentimental and meaningful will add to the shot.

Sometimes simplicity in a shot grabs a great shot. Less is more. It’s easy to spend a lot of time searching for locations, driving here and there, but, often the best shot is right in front of us. A shot only takes the beautiful subjects in front of the lens, great soft light and a simple background, a sweet little pose, or an “unpose” and there you have it. We have shot in parking lots, ha! even bathrooms and wow, you would literally NEVER know. Unless, you are shooting on a mountain and you want to be teeny in the shot, because you want to see the mountain range…well, the shot should really be about you.

Have you asked your groom what’s the most exciting part of the big wedding day for him? I’m sure the answers vary. For sure, seeing his bride for the first time is such a build up, exciting moment, etched on his mind. Boys also really love their boy time! I often tell the couple during our call, weeks before the wedding to ensure that the groom and wedding party bring at least 2-3 shirts for underneath their shirts…particularly in the summer..OMG, it’s hot’s HOT!.. the guys are in suits and will sweat! And with the party that commences after the ceremony, a party is waiting to happen and will be nuts. Ha! I’m always warned that the party will be on fire. So, wee tip from me, make sure the guys bring a change of shirts..they will thank me later! And keep hydrated all day, not just with alcohol! ahahaha!

When you think about it, it’s so incredible the amount of hours that are put in to the wedding planning. The dress, hair, makeup, flowers, all the elements to make your day sooo special for the couple and their guests who just watched them get married and were about to party all night long with them. I often see the stress slide away at this time, they literally just got married minutes before. It’s always a bit of a surprise when I say to the bride, ” ok, grab your husband”, or “grab your wife”. It’s almost unbelievable for them. It gets them every time. Yes! That day had come for Angela and Mike, after all the planning, they were married, she said yes and so did he!

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