Wedding Photography Montreal: Julia & Jonathan

Congratulations to Julia & Jonathan!

When I met with Julia & Jonathan for their engagement session 1 year ago, we wandered around Old Montreal. We got to know each other in front of the camera and they laughed with me.
I am a big believer in doing engagement sessions with couples before the wedding. It builds a level of trust between us, it’s a great opportunity to have photos for their save the date cards and really sweet moments. It gives their friends and families the chance to see our work as well. E-sessions are always a good idea.
By the time we got to the portrait session of the wedding day, we shared a few fun inside jokes from our e-session. We also planned ahead where to go for the wedding portraits. We chose Concordia campus, which was beautiful in Montreal West, near where they got ready.
It’s one of my favourite locations actually, so many little pockets of beautiful architecture and rarely anyone around.

Have you been thinking about what your portraits will look like on your wedding day?  One of the best things I like to do with my couples is really have fun conversations that strike a good pose, without the pose. So, in general, I will put the couple in a moderate pose, then give them a little jolt of silly conversation, like I said to Julia & Jonathan…“Squeeze her like a pillow” that got them giggling, so try not to think so hard about what the end pose will look like, I believe it’s more about capturing the essence of a tiny moment in time.

I had the opportunity to shoot 2 weddings at Gare Viger this year, and both within 2 weeks of each other. Of course, we want to ensure the photos look very different, even though they are located in the same venue. I really think that each planner nailed it in their own ways. I found this tiny space with the market lights outside, just after Julia & Jonathan got married. If you can spare just 3-5 minutes away from your guests to go outside, please take advantage and say yes to this. Sometimes, you will find one of those magic little moments, that will last forever on a print in your home.

How long have you been planning your wedding? Do you have a colour pallette in mind? How are you going to ask your bridal party to dress? I really love to see when the ladies are given a colour theme to go with and they simply buy a dress within that theme and work with what suites them best. Having the freedom to design your own look, I believe is key to an amazing looking group that works well together. As for the guys, I still find the traditional bow tie a favourite of most grooms, or black tie. Whatever the style, own it and have fun! 


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