Wedding Schedule: What time does the photographer start?

Wedding season is just around the corner! I know it may not feel like it, but we are just a few weeks away from Spring. Even though Montreal certainly feels like winter, we are full on ready to take the quick change to the hottest summer yet in our near future!

I am starting to get a lot of calls from my brides asking when to schedule hair and makeup, when to start photography, when first look is and what time to tell their families to be ready for portraits. The formula to this answer is often the same. I decided to make a quick 8 min video to help you schedule your wedding day, hour by hour assuming you will see each other before the ceremony begins. We call this “The first look” Most of my couples see each other before the ceremony. There is a great benefit to this!

Just a few quick tips: Portraits:

A. Start thinking about a back up plan for just never know. The weather is special here in Montreal and we must always have a plan.

B. Try to keep it simple, no need to drive all over the island of Montreal for portraits. The focus should be on you, not just a location. Often, the way we shoot, you would never know where we were taking the photos anyway. The shot is all about you!

C. Bring snacks…you don’t want to be “hangry” for your portraits! Please..we beg you. Ahahaha!






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